Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information collected or submitted on Autocarts’ website and our apps for iPhone and any other devices and platforms.

Information we collect

Autocart collects no personally identifiable information about you. This includes sensitive information about purchases made or your sensitive personal information. All such data and settings is only held between you and the third-party commerce vendor. If you choose to send a log to the developers (to report a problem), this log may include some personal information including: your name, your email address, your country of residence and your phone number only.

Autocart does not display advertisments in the app. Therefore, we do not collect any kind of advertising token used to identify you.

The Autocart app collects aggregate, anonymous statistics, such as the percentage of users who use particular features, to improve the app. We use Google Analytics to report this general usage with the application and to report issues. This information is collected in bulk and is not used to identify the actions of any particular user. Learn more about Google Analytics by following this link: How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps. If you do not want anonymous usage data to be collected about your sessions, then DO NOT use the Autocart website or mobile application. Analytics does not retain any personally identifiable information to identify a particular user.

In order to send push notifications for some websites, we need to store a token to send this notification to your device. This token is managed by Google. We do not use this token to otherwise identify you. To reset this identifier, delete the App and install it again.

If you complete Recaptchas (operated by Google) within the App, certain information may be collected about you. This includes cookies or other local storage and the collection, sharing, and use of personal data for personalization of ads, even though this information is in no way seen or retained by the App, this is collected for Google's purposes. Information about captcha completion rates may be retained, which are anonymous and are never used to link back to a user profile. For more information if you are in the EU, please see below. If you use the 'Google Sign-In' feature present in the Autocart app, a persistent token/cookies will be saved in the local webview of the app, so your sign-in session can be remembered. Autocart does not collect or record this token or related cookies, they are persistent only on your device and may be transmitted to any website visited by the Autocart app, including those visited automatically (by the "Bot"). Any website visited by the Autocart app may store other session related tokens/cookies in order to identify you. These tokens/cookies are not collected by Autocart, and are strictly between you and the vendor. You have the option to clear all saved data, including cookies, from the Autocart web browser by visiting the Options and selecting Clear Web Cache.

If you click Report a Problem in the app, this sends a log to the developer of your recent activity in the app, which is used to help track down problems. This report may include some personal information, including your full name, phone number, email address and region where you reside. Highly sensitive information, such as your address and credit card number are not transmitted in these logs. By sending a technical report you understand that this information may be contained in these logs. Logs are retained only for the time needed to resolve a particular issue, and no longer than 30 days from the date of receipt.

Technical basics

If you enable push notifications, we must store a token to send them. This token storage is performed using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), and we do not use these tokens to identify any particular user. We never use push notifications for marketing, spam or for any other non-user-beneficial reason.

Our server software may also store basic technical information, such as your IP address, in temporary memory or logs. Third-party store vendors may store such basic technical information as well, depending on which site you use Autocart to control. You should carefully review the Privacy Policy of any website you choose to use Autocart with.


Autocart may store some of your data in Apple’s iCloud service to enable some sync features between all devices signed into your Apple ID.

Information usage

We use the information we collect to operate and improve our website, apps, and customer support. We do not share analytics data with outside parties except to the extent necessary to accomplish Autocart's functionality.

Autocart will be fully cooperative in, and may disclose any information we hold in response to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal requirements; to exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims; to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud or abuse, violations of our policies; or to protect our rights and property. At present, we hold no user identifiable information, so we would be unable to produce such information. If such information is required by any authorized authority, they should contact the third-party vendor website such a user in question. This may change in the future as the Autocart app matures. Please keep up to date with this Privacy Policy to be informed of these changes.

In the future, we may sell to, buy, merge with, or partner with other businesses. In such transactions, any user information will hold may be among the transferred assets.


Your personal information, such as your home address and credit/debit card information, needs to be stored on your device's storage in order for us to remember it each time you launch the App. We store this information using the iOS standard encryption for file storage. This means that the stronger the passcode is on your iOS device, the better that this information will be protected. This information is never transmitted to Autocart, it is only shared between you and the third-party vendor website that you choose to connect to.

Some third-party vendors that you choose to use the Autocart app with may not use web transport security, such as HTTPS. This is an essential factor for web security. You should not use Autocart with these vendors, as your personal information will be vulnerable. You can verify that a website is using HTTPS by visiting a given website in your browser, and ensuring that there is a padlock in the address bar. It should be noted that even virtual private networks (VPNs) will not protect you against this vulnerability. You can learn more about the ineffectiveness of VPNs here.

You should only use Autocart on third-party vendor's websites that you trust, because your personal information will be transmitted directly to them. You should ensure that the uniform resource locator (URL) of a given vendor is correct before starting the Autocart checkout process, because once information has been transmitted to a compromised website, there is no way to reverse the damage. It is possible that third-party vendor websites could be compromised through means of attack, whistle blowing or other events that result in your personal or sensitive information becoming compromised or leaked. Autocart takes no responsibility in the event that your information is compromised by any means. For more information, please see our Terms of Use.

We collect anonymous aggregate statistics with Google Analytics, for which we store a randomized device identifier on your device. We do not use this identifier to correlate to users for any purposes.

Accessing, changing, or deleting information

Personal information that you store is saved in secure storage on your device. You may access, change and delete this information from within the Autocart app. Your sensitive personal information never collected by Autocart, nor stored on any of our websevers. If you choose to send a log to the developers, which can be provided by you to help improve the application, such logs will be retained for no longer than 30 days.

Personal information that you transfer to third-party vendors may not be deleted, and could be retained indefinitely. Autocart does not store backups of your data, but this could be stored by third-party vendors. You should review the Privacy Policy of each specific third-party vendor before using Autocart on such sites.

Third-party links, content and software

Autocart may display links, content and media from third-party websites, web stores and sales vendors. None of this content is stored, cached or processed by Autocart–this is only an interaction between your device and the third-party commerce vendor. If you have copyright infringement claims or concerns, you should direct these the the third-party commerce vendor in question, not Autocart. Autocart is solely a content aggreator and ordering proxy service.

We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous aggregate statistics for usage of the application.

California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

We comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act. We therefore will not distribute your personal information to outside parties without your consent. This is because we do not store personal information.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

Autocart is not intended for a children's audience, and we have an App Store rating of 17+, as we allow unrestricted web access within the application. We never collect or maintain information at our website from those we actually know are under 13, and no part of our website is structured to attract anyone under 13.

Information for European Union Customers

Personal data that you create within the App is stored securely on your device and is only transmitted to web vendor that you select by entering its web address into the App. These websites may or may not be located in the European Union. You should review the privacy policies of any website you plan on using with Autocart before entering the web address into Autocart.

By using Autocart, you authorize us to collect, use, and store anonymous, aggregate statistical information outside of the European Union.

If you complete any Captchas (Recaptcha operated by Google) within the App, some stored information, such as cookies, may be transmitted to Google.

International Transfers of Information

Anonymous, aggregate statistics may be processed, stored, and used outside of the country in which you are located. Data privacy laws vary across jurisdictions, and different laws may be applicable to your data depending on where it is processed, stored, or used.

Your Consent

By using our site or apps, you consent to our privacy policy. If you do not consent in any way, you should not use our App or website beyond reading the required legal information.

Revocation of Consent

If you do not want any information about you to be collected, do not use the App.

Other Notes

This policy has been adapted from the Overcast Privacy Policy. If you're looking for a podcast player, I strongly recommend Overcast!

Changes to this policy

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page.

Summary of changes so far:

  • 6 March 2020: First published.
  • 7 March 2020: Additional information about information collection.
  • 10 March 2020: Information about retaining log files.
  • 11 March 2020: Information about collected web tokens/cookies from third-party sites.
  • 12 March 2020: Finish incomplete EU section.
  • 25 April 2020: Update collected information section, minor corrections and clarifications.
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