Purchase Later

Autocart can now be initially downloaded for free to give you a feel for the app before you decide to purchase. When you've decided that you want to buy Autocart, simply purchase the unlock and the bot will work right away.

You purchase the unlock via an in-app purchase provided by the App Store and all your purchase information is totally private, never seen by Autocart.

New Users

Find Autocart on the App Store, and download it. There's no charge to do this anymore.

Once you have looked around and setup your profile, head to the Order page, and look at the bottom of the Pre-Flight Checks. You'll see there is a Locked section, where you can unlock the full version of Autocart to start your orders.

Existing Users

If you already bought the original version of Autocart as a purchase from the App Store, don't worry–you certainly don't have to purchase Autocart again. Just click the "Restore Existing Purchase" button to unlock the bot. (It may take a few of tries, and make sure you have an internet connection). If you experience any issues, please email support (at) autocart.page, you'll be a top priority if anything goes wrong.

The same goes for whenever the app is updated or you download Autocart on another device–you only have to buy Autocart once. If in doubt, just click the "Restore Existing Purchase" button.

Nothing's Changed

Our pricing model is still the same: Autocart is a one-time purchase and there's no other fees. We feel it's only fair to let you see what the app has to offer before you have to make a purchase decision.

Stay safe,


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