Coronavirus Impact

UPDATE March 19, 0600 GMT: It would appear that luck was on our side and update 2020.3 was approved by Apple earlier today, just in time for the drop! Make sure you have updated to the version 2020.3 and good luck for today's drop!

I regret to bring this update, but the case in point is that the Coronavirus may impact upcoming item drops and our ability to order them.


Soon after the release of Autocart 2020.2 (the current version at the time of writing) on Thursday 12th March at about 1PM GMT, we identified a small but critical problem that meant some items in the store interface were unable to be loaded, and would not be ordered if they were ordered as a part of an 'upcoming item' drop. As a result of this, we patched and released version 2020.3 to be reviewed by Apple within 24 hours of this issue being discovered. All new apps or updates on the Apple App Store require approval by Apple to be released to customers.

However, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) appears to have dramatically reduced the speed at which these updates are reviewed by Apple. This means that it is unlikely the update will be released before Thursday 19th March, a drop time used by a certain site supported by Autocart.

Current Advice

The issue releates to the way that Autocart interprets the names of certain items. However, the vast majority of items in the store are unaffected by this issue and should still work just fine on the current app version 2020.2.

The current advice is to only add 1 item to you basket per order to reduce the chance of you adding a 'bad item' to the basket. Additionally, items with complicated names that are joined by unusual letters may not be able to be ordered successfully. For example, if the name contains letters like "+", "-", "/", "©", "Ⓡ" or similar, you should avoid it (until version 2020.3 is out).


With any luck, version 2020.3 will be out before Thursday morning, but if it is not, please follow this advice to increase your chances of success. We're certain everything will be back to normal before next week but, if not, please monitor this page for further updates.

Stay safe,


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